1/ T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Ion Best Hair Dryer

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Why we like it:A professional duo that features an ion generator-enhanced dryer, which delivers lightning-fast results, plus a ceramic barrel brush.
What it does: Dry and style your hair in a flash with this dryer enhanced with Tourmaline® and advanced SoftAire™ technologies to reduce frizz while boosting your hair’s health, body, and shine. The gentle, wide airflow delivers a greater volume of ionic, infrared heat in less time than conventional dryers and promises to dry hair 90 percent faster. The ceramic styling barrel brush retains heat, styling hair even more beautifully for maximum healthy-hair benefits.

T3 introduces the next generation of drying. The Featherweight Luxe 2i is Ion Generator-enhanced for clinically proven faster, healthier and more beautiful results. Dry hair up to 75% faster with enhanced T3 Tourmaline and SoftAire technologies plus a Tourmaline Ceramic Brush for maximum health-boosting, frizz-reducing and shine-enhancing benefits. The Featherweight Luxe 2i is clinically proven to be healthier than air drying, with up to: 79% Reduction in Frizz, 93% Increase in Body, 21% Increase in Shine, 36% Increase in Comb-ability, 52% Increase in Style Retention.

  1. I was never one to believe that an expensive hair dryer could make that much of a difference compared to an average $20-$30 hair dryer - but I have been proven wrong!! This T3 dryer is AMAZING!! Using the diffuser reduces the drying time substantially (I have shoulder length, curly hair), eliminates frizzy, provides amazing volume and makes so soft and bouncy. I have never had a dryer that made my hair look and feel so amazing. Never again will I settle for an average hair dryer. Try it for yourself...you won't be disappointed :)
  2. This is the best dryer I have ever purchased, it works great and my thick hair dries fast and smooth.
  3. I am a BIG fan of the T3 products I have the hot rollers and the straight iron and now just bought the hair dryer... It really does dry your hair much faster and I have long THICK....l.worth every penny

2/ Sedu Revolution TGR 4000i

Sedu continues to innovate in its line of heat styling products with creativity and the latest advanced technology. One of the first professional hair dryers of its kind with super compact size and light weight design, Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic 400

Sedu continues to innovate rolling around in its line of extreme heat products with creativity and the latest advanced technology. The primary professional hair dryers of this category with super lightweight and light weight design, Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic 4000i Hair Dryer has 60% more power than a standard dryer. With the very best tourmaline coated ionic generator, this dryer reduces frizz and static by 90% and cuts drying time in half. Get it today, Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic 4000i Hand blower is the only dryer you can ever need!

Most Helpful Reviews
  1. Laura I just received this dryer and am very pleased with it. My hair is shorter and curly. I like that I can get a nice smooth and shiny finish with consistency. I also love that due to the more compact size, the dryer is so easy for me to use and manipulate. I definitely recommend this to others. 
  2. Alyssa I bought this hair dryer 2 years ago for myself after searching for a good quality hair dryer that was going to cut down the amount of time it took to dry my very long, naturally curly hair. Best investment ever! It now takes me 10 minutes to dry my hair which, to me, is priceless!! So now I bought a second one to give to my mom for Christmas and I know she'll love it.
3/ Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Best Hair Dryer
The Most Powerful Professional Dryer! This new technology preserves the natural moisture in the hair, making it shinier, softer and healthier.
Compact and Lightweight but Ultra-powerful. Make a statement of style and professional accomplishment with the unsurpassed power and quality of the Twin Turbo 3200.

  1. Armanigirl My hair stylist recommended this best hair dryer, it's what she uses. I have very curly coarse, long hair, a pain to dry! As the other reviews said, it dries hair in 1/2 the time, very powerful, has enough variation in settings that my kids don't get burned using it too. A perfect hair dryer. I got the shiny red to deviate from my normal black. LOVE it!
  2. Stef My hair is extremely curly! I used to flat iron and it would come out dull and FRIZZY! The turbo locks in the moisture and gives me the right amount of bounce and make. My hair less susceptible to frizzy. I really love this best hair dryer for curly hair! :D
  3. Marietta I updated my old Turbo Power 2800 that is still working and I had for 5 years. This is the more powerful replacement. It works great and very quick. It takes 5 minutes to dry my hair and another 5 min to style. Great product !!! Great service and fast delivery
4/ FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000 Professional Salon

The ceramic ionic Nano Salon Pro dryer is powered by durable AC motor for 1200 hours of use, in comparison to typical AC motor which provides 800 hours of use. The ultra smooth and quiet dryer produces high temperature and more air velocity. Tourmaline crystals enhance ionic effect and produce moist heat. The mix of 3 distinct Nano technologies (Nano Ti + Nano Ti02+Nano Ag) provides maximum health and purification benefits for hair. Ceramic emits gentle far infared heat to avoid damage to hair.

Most Helpful Reviews
  1. Katt This dryer creates beautiful smooth hair in just a few minutes. I have really curly hair which normally take an hour to blow dry. With this dryer, it took 15 minutes and the results were amazing and my hair was soft and smooth. I recommend this dryer for anyone who wants to salon results at home. 
  2. Tiffany R. I bought this dryer about 3 yrs ago at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta. And it still works as well as it did the first day I used it. It gives my clients hair a beautiful shine and it cuts my drying time in half. Even the coursest hair blow drys soft, shiny, and very managable. And it gives body to my clients with fine hair. I absolutely love this dryer. It was a wonderful investment. 
  3. Virginia This was my first salon quality hairdryer. I choose the FHI as it was the same one they use at my salon. It will be cuts my drying time by two and reduces frizz. My hair is smooth and soft after with it - my husband even commented who's looked really great, which can be saying a lot. Really the only issues I have run into with this dryer are that it's powerful and might cause some slight tangling - nevertheless this is not a deal breaker personally. Also, the cord is extended and I must work on stretching it out because the dryer will cut faraway from time to time when it gets tangled. Besides that, I am pretty pleased with the product and sense that it was definitely worth the money. I suggest investing in a good dryer to protect your hair.
5/ Solano 3700moda Supersolano Best Hair Dryer
Powerful, compact and weight-balanced ac motor ensures optimal quality and performance. ceramic distributes heat more evenly. ionic improves moisture in the hair while minimizing static electricity. far infrared heat dries hair from the inside out for overall healthier hair. tourmaline adds shine and smoothes hair while minimizing fly-aways.
SuperSolano 3700 Moda features a concise size that is com-full of power. This AC motor dryer is weight balanced therefore it remains light and comfortable for long durations. Quiet operation and also a long-life motor ensures this will be your go-to dryer for many years to come.

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Most Helpful Reviews
  1. Allison My wife explained she needed a fresh hair dryer as her's was dying and she or he was starting for getting that burnt smell coming as a result. I decided I used to be going to find her the best one!!! After doing bunch of research and considering models from FHI and T3 I decided to go with the Solano 3700moda. A few of the reasons I decided to go with the Solano over one other competitors is that while reading reviews I would see reviewers saying they can be too hot or they would burn their head of hair. Solano was the sole brand that was constantly recommended and I never saw any burning issues. Another excuse I decided to pick a Solano was their quality. I would constantly see those who would have them for ten or twenty years before dying. In my opinion that is a much better investment than purchasing one every other year. Now for that results. I have in mind the 3700moda is a tourmaline, ceramic, ionic, and far infrared dryer which all is meant to make the hair have less frizz plus much more shine without burning it. In my opinion this is very important and what can make it worth its price because if my wife's hair always looks shiny and healthy that means less trips she desires to make to the salon that's normally $200 a pop. And does it live around these claims??? YES!!!! I'm stationed overseas and saw her hair more than a web-cam and noticed a massive difference. Her mom also said hello looked like she just got her hair done so mission accomplished. Solano just earned a life long customer!!!
  2. Kim in CA This dryer is AWESOME!!!! I don't know how I ever could have successfully went natural without this best hair dryer for curly hair. I never understood how the salon could get my hair so beautiful and when I did it myself not so much. But the proof is in the products and tools and this dyer is definitely one the reasons my hair is ALWAYS beautiful. Honestly, I don't even have to use my flat iron after I use this dyer, that's how wonderful this dyer is. Don't be scared of of the price because you get what you pay for, an AWESOME product.
What is the best hair dryer:
A blow dryer or hair dryer is an electromechanical device designed to blow cool or empty talk over wet or damp hair, in order to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the head of hair. Blowdryers allow to better control the shape and design of hair, by accelerating and governing the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds inside each strand. These hydrogen bonds are extremely effective (allowing for stronger hair shaping than perhaps the sulfur bonds formed by permanent waving products), however are temporary and extremely vulnerable to humidity. They disappear which has a single washing with the hair.
Hairstyles using blowdryers ordinarily have volume and discipline, which can be further improved by the use of styling products and hairbrushes during drying to provide tension, hold and lift.
Blowdryers were invented around the end of the 1800s. The first model was produced by Alexander F. "Beau" Godefroy in the salon in France in 1890. The handheld, household hair-dryer first appeared in 1920. Blowdryers are used both inside the beauty salon by professional stylists, as well as in the average household by consumers.
Before the invention of your best hair dryer, it was common for guys and women to dry their head of hair using a vacuum. In fact, the main model of blow drier was invented in 1890 by Alexander Godefroy by taking inspiration on the vacuum cleaner. Alexander invented it for usage in his hair salon in France and it wasn't portable or handheld, but instead could only improve sales having the woman sit underneath it. A hair hood dryer carries a hard plastic dome that boils down and fits over the person's head to be able to dry their hair. Heat is blown out through the tiny openings around the interior of the dome so the individual's hair is dried evenly. Today hair hood dryers are typically found in hair salons.
It turned out Armenian American inventor Gabriel Kazanjian who patented the first blow dryer in America in 1911.
It was not until around 1915 that your hair dryer began to take a the market in handheld form. This became due to innovations by National Stamping and Electricworks under the white cross brand (advertised in 1915 and later U.S. Racine Universal Motor Company and the Hamilton Beach Co. that allowed the dryer to get handheld. Even inside the 1920s, the new dryers were often heavy, weighing in at approximately 2 pounds (0.91 kg), and difficult to utilize. They also had many cases of overheating and electrocution. It absolutely was also only effective at using 100 watts, then it took a lot longer to dry hair (the average dryer today will use up to 2000 watts of warmth).
Since the 1920s, growth and development of the hair dryer has mainly focused on improving the wattage and superficial exterior and material changes. In truth, the mechanism with the dryer has not had any significant changes since its inception. Significant important changes for that hair dryer has the materials switch the signal from plastic so that it must be more lightweight. This really caught on within the 1960s with the roll-out of better electrical motors and the improvement of plastics. Another critical change happened in 1954 when GEC changed the design of the dryer to maneuver the motor within the casing. Also, including safety mechanisms in them has been important, especially since Consumer Product Safety Commission setup guidelines in the 1970s that best hair dryers had to fulfill in order being considered safe to manufacture. Since 1991 the CPSC has mandated by U.S. law that all dryers must start using a ground fault circuit interrupter so it cannot electrocute a person if it gets wet. By 2000, deaths by blowdryers had dropped to under four people a year, a stark impact on the hundreds of cases of electrocution accidents during the mid-twentieth century. When it comes to positive health, this sort of dryer has already been cited as just right for head lice. Overall, the scale, weight, noise, and search of the blow dryer has dramatically changed from the heavy bulky noisy contraptions of earlier part of the twentieth century, on the streamlined plastic men and women are used to today.

Girl using bonnet hair dryer, 1965
The two other major forms of blowdryers other compared to handheld. These include the bonnet hair dryer and the rigid-hood dryer. The bonnet dryer was brought to consumers in 1951. This kind of dryer worked a toronto injury lawyer the dryer, usually in a compact portable box, associated with a tube that went in a bonnet with holes in it that may be placed on surface of a person's head. This worked by giving an even amount of heat to the whole head immediately. The 1950s also saw the development of the rigid-hood hair dryer which will be the type most frequently seen in salons, and yes it had a hard plastic helmet that explains the head. This dryer works similarly on the bonnet dryer but at a much higher wattage.